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PC Support Agent Services
360 PC Support

Remember when your computer ran like new? Our 360 Support is an all-encompassing optimization service that’s a real performance booster. We do total PC tune-ups, configure email accounts, and synchronize and backup data through cloud computing, and so much more.

Malware Removal

Don’t let your computer turn into a hotbed for malicious software. Keep your information and privacy secure with PC Support Agent’s complete protection. We detect and clean viruses, spyware, rootkits, Trojans and all kinds of malware.


Easily connect and use your devices with your computer with PC Support Agent’s installation, compatibility and troubleshooting services. Hook up your wired or wireless hardware device to your computer with ease for a seamless computing experience. We troubleshoot known issues with iPhones, Android devices, Wi-Fi devices, digital cameras, tablet computers, routers, LAN and more.

Hardware Support

Get the most from your hardware devices with the latest drivers for your operating system. PC Support Agent remotely installs drivers and driver updates for optimal performance. Our hardware support services also include driver backups, driver monitoring, Legacy driver installation, and support for computers and tablets on all platforms.

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Customer Testimonials

The support agent that answered the phone was incredible helpful and solved my virus issue right away. Not only was she helpful, but also very friendly and courteous. I would definitely recommend using this service!

-- Michelle Elston, San Francisco

Prior to trying PC Support Agent I would always take my PC into a computer store to get fixed. This saved me a lot of time and was far more effective

-- Ian, Chicago

PC Support Agent has been the answer to solving my family's PC issues. I had an excellent experience and was amazed by how quickly they found a solution to repairing my computer. My computer now runs like it's brand new!

-- Tara, Seattle